Martial Arts improves the quality of your life by teaching you valuable life and success skills such as mental focus, discipline, self control and life balance.

Adults get much more from our MMAX Schools

Adults are you looking to start a safe, innovating martial arts class that’s guaranteed to get you fit ?. At our MMAX clubs we teach outstanding self-defence and sport martial arts to the highest standard. You and your family will not only learn excellent techniques from around the world but also at a pace that is suitable to your personal needs and ability. The result will not only help grow your confidence but challenge and reward your progression. Our training environment is both fun and positive so be prepared to be addicted from your very first class.

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We have an exciting variety of martial arts you will love

Each Instructor specialises in a specific martial art discipline, but what makes us different from other clubs around is our continuous training and knowledge in many other world class styles too. This, we believe, guarantees our members outstanding quality in tuition at every MMAX school and success that is rarely, if ever, matched.

The find a venue section of this website will give you brief information about where the classes are held, information about your instructors, the type of martial arts taught there and benefits to you. Each school page will also include a FREE complimentary voucher for everyone, and yes, you can bring a friend too. If you have more questions please do not hesitate to call the Instructor at your chosen location, they will always be happy to help.

Listed here are the disciplines taught at some of our MMAX Schools. Please feel free to click on them for more information.   

These are all simple, powerful and effective methods of self protection and give outstanding result in fitness that really work in a very short time.

Evolution and Traditional Values
Our martial arts classes offer exciting and constantly evolving techniques that are deeply rooted in tradition. We use progressive, innovative teaching methods and philosophies from what we believe to be some of the most effective martial art disciplines from around the world. We have both male and female Instructors throughout our MMAX Schools and some schools teach gender specific classes too (check your venue page for more information and availability).

Techniques That Really Work
As part of our structured classes you will be taught various striking, blocking, kicking drills and exercises that build foundation, functional and effective technique. They help  build focus, mental discipline and functional self defence against single and multiple attackers. All the classes are taught in a friendly and rewarding atmosphere and taught by energetic world class, national and Internationally qualified Instructors.

Sports and Competing in Martial Arts
We are a part of many International and world competition circuits and for members who are more competitive can test their skills to the maximum. Sparring, (which is optional) builds reflex, timing and “how to react” spontaneously without knowing your opponents attack. We at MMAX have World class coaches that specialise in helping members to reach their full potential through self discipline, self confidence and self respect. We train champion’s year in year out with our advanced training classes held at our full time MMAX academy. Have you got what it takes, see some of our members success stories here.

Ladies Only Kickboxing Help Boost Confidence & Fitness

At our MMAX Schools we understand the need to teach less intimidating and less competitive based classes for ladies(and girls), taking into consideration the needs of all individuals and to help encourage more people to be active, improving their health and fitness.

So we now teach newly developed ladies only kickboxing and superb fitness based classes like our new 2017 Rock Body Fitness class, giving amazing results that everyone is starting to talk about. We also run small group or private lessons that can be tailored to your needs taught by our fully qualified female trainers.

What makes our classes different is our dedication to help ladies develop confidence either through self-defence skills, weight loss and conditioning fitness based classes. We offer a superb platform to develop individual confidence and improve fitness. Each class is a high energy, fat burning, fun workout which will help you get on track to a more positive life style and great body. Also check our ladies fitness Yoga classes too.

Classes are taught by fully qualified Instructors. We welcome all abilities, shapes and sizes from the age of 12 yrs at any level of fitness. Our classes have a diverse range of enthusiastic members that enjoy a good laugh and amazing results. We incorporate many essential methods of training and also include improved flexibility and the most modern teaching techniques. This has helped members boost self confident whilst improving fitness, gaining self respect and beating weekly personal goals. In turn this promotes a more positive attitude, healthier life style and sense of achievement as you progress.

Whether you are interested in our classes for fitness, personal safety, confidence building or just to socialise, you will love these classes and what it can do for you! So come on ladies pick up the phone or text for your 1st FREE lesson which is suitable for women of all ages.
We also teach girls only (6-11yrs) at some of our schools.