Kickboxing provides for an overall cardiovascular workout that aids in weight loss. It also helps to tone the overall body through a series of punching, kicking, padwork and various other movements. Women find kickboxing allows them to receive a cardio and resistance workout at the same time and helps build confidence.

Kickboxing Total-Body Exercise

MMAX Kickboxing for women is a total-body exercise that burns on average 600-800 calories per class/hour. Kickboxing will work out the entire body and not just target areas. Kickboxing allows for women to strengthen, tone and reduce fat all at the same time. Since kickboxing is a total-body workout, women will also increase flexibility, burn calories, improve coordination and increase cardiovascular fitness in a fun and positive environment.

Self Defence

Women can use all these techniques as a means of self defence. During classes, the MMAX instructors focuses on teaching kicks, punches, knees and bobbing and weaving. Participants will also learn how to gauge distance and landing punches and kicks correctly. Most moves will be practiced on bags and pads to help with landing the move effectively on a particular object. The bobbing and weaving, kicks, knees and punches can all be used for self defence if ever needed


Stress Relief

Training can be used as a form of stress relief as well. With stress, it produces enzymes that lower the amount of endorphin’s. During the class and the variety of other types of exercises, endorphin’s are released in the body that relieve pain and aid in decreasing depression. You will feel great after every class at MMAX Academy.

Give us a call/text 07925 535952 or check us out on facebook to book a free trial class. we have classes for Ladies only, girls only, mixed children 6-12yrs and mixed adult classes at our full time gym or affiliated schools.

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