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We take the confusion away from choosing reputable martial arts clubs and show you why we should be your first choice for martial arts training. As you will see, it will be exceptionally hard, if not impossible, to beat our experience, reputation, credentials or outstanding results. Feel free to read a little about our coaches below and then call us today to book your first free lesson and start your amazing journey today with MMAX schools.
nic mmax martial arts instructor
Nic - Senior Director
Taekwon-Do, Kickboxing, Boxing and Hatton Certified at MMAX HQ

Nic has been training in boxing and martial arts for over 38 years and was a former English champion and team member. Nic has pioneered and introduced many new training systems and ideas that are widely used throughout the UK and has featured on the front of Europe’s largest martial arts magazine. Now as a coach he has accumulated a mass of success with World, European champions and many England team members, also hundreds of national champions and title holders in boxing, Thai and K1. One of Nic a former champions has now fought in the Olympics several times . Nic is internationally qualified and is a world senior ranked black belt and examiner. Other disciplines Nic is active in is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, close quarter combat, weapons servival and MMA.

Paul Hines
Paul Hines
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu/MMA Coach at MMAX HQ

Paul has been training for over 25 years extensively in submission grappling, mixed martial and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Paul is respected around the world for his vast knowledge and skill in the combat arts. Paul currently has one of his students competing in the Ultimate Fighting Championships UFC the world’s biggest cage fighting show and many more in Cage Warriors. Paul has grown a love for the grappling arts especially Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and is one of the most qualified combat coaches you will meet. In other disciplines Paul is a registered BBBC (British Boxing Board of Control) professional boxing coach/promoter.

Claire Affiliated
MMAX School Owner Taekwon-Do/Kickboxing & Hatton Boxing Coach

Claire has been training for over 18yrs with outstanding undefeated competition success  including 3x British , 3x English, International champion, England Team gold medalist and was a former police officer for 6 years. She has her own affiliated schools and has outstanding knowledge as a former police officer for street smart self-defence. Claire is a highly qualified active instructor currently teaching Rock Body Fitness (RBF), head director in children’s be safe self-defence, certified Hatton boxing instructor and adult kickboxing coach. She holds internationally ranked black belts.  Claire’s other active discipline is boxing.

James Freeguard
Thai/K1 Kickboxing & Boxing Pro Coach at MMAX HQ

James has had an outstanding career and success as an exciting Pro International kickboxing fighter, winning on many televised fight shows and is double British K1, S1 series chang cup and BIKMA champion, voted best fighter of the night 4 times, faced the best gym in the world and ranked in the top 10. James is fully qualified and his knowledge is an integral part of our very successful developing fight team here at MMAX Academy. He coaches both Thai/K1 and boxing. He is a senior pro fighter and corner coach.

Senior Boxing Coach at MMAX HQ

David has been boxing for over 22 years and started his passion for this noble art by being selected for the Army boxing team and since leaving has had great success with over 30+ bouts to his name. The ultimate achievement for David was to win the Master World title in America in 2013 and is currently still an active boxer. David is a fully qualified coach and has knowledge to match. He also runs our PT, military boot camps and Rocket obstacle races.

Helen & Bruce
Affiliated MMAX School Owner & Instructors

Team Helen & Bruce have been training collective over 25 years and are currently black belts in Taekwon-Do and Kickboxing. Both have a vast experience in many martial arts, giving a varied and exciting class in all their school locations and have an outstanding reputation in the local community. This team are fully qualified active instructors currently teaching Little Leaders, Taekwon-Do and K1 Kickboxing. Helen and Bruce’s other trained disciplines are Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, wrestling and boxing.


Our success stories speak for themselves.

Pepper Senior Thai/K1 Kickboxing Instructor at MMAX HQ

Pepper has been training over 15 years in Thai boxing and now K1 kickboxing. She has grown a reputation as one of if not the best female Instructors in the area with skills to match. Pepper’s ultimate experience so far with MMAX was to train with Saenchai one of the world’s best Thai fighters. She is a fully qualified active Instructor currently teaching ladies and girls’ only kickboxing at MMAX Academy. Other discipline well versed in is boxing.

Rebecca Thai/K1 Kickboxing ladies only Instructor at MMAX HQ

Rebecca has been training over 6 years and is one of our more resent Instructors in Thai and K1 kickboxing at MMAX HQ. Rebecca is very active in all styles of martial arts training and loves competing in the sport. Her passion and skill in teaching have quickly grown a reputation in the local community as an outstanding female Instructor with very popular classes. Rebecca is a fully qualified active Instructor currently teaching ladies and girls’ only kickboxing at MMAX Academy. Other discipline well versed in is boxing and Taekwon-do.

Ryan Thai/K1 Kickboxing & Boxing Coach at MMAX HQ

Ryan is our latest certified coach in Thai/K1 and boxing at MMAX HQ. Ryan is a current active MMAX Fight Team member and competes and has won in Thai, K1 and boxing. He is known for his explosive style and is one of the UK’s up and coming fighters and current BIKMA English K1 champion( watch this space). Other discipline active in is Taekwon-Do, BJJ and MMA.

Bonnie Yoga Teacher
Yoga Certified Instructor at MMAX HQ

Bonnie has over 10 years experience in yoga and is fast growing a reputation as an outstanding qualified Instructor that will get you fit, flexible and stress free. If there was an award for being one of the nicest and enthusiastic person on the planet she would win hands down. Bonnie is fully certified and can also teaches 1 on 1, small group class or if you would like to try one of her six week introduction to Yoga courses. Call 07925 535952 to book now

MMAX academy boot camp and fitness classes
Cath Short level 3 Personal Trainer, nutrition and wellness coach at MMAX HQ

Cath is a former dancer turned fitness instructor from London with a passion for healthy living and is at the top of’ve her game in the PT fitness world.  She takes 1-2-1 PT and small group training sessions as well as our MMAX bootcamps and core strengthening classes.  She also runs ‘Eat To Live’ nutrition workshops to help clients on their journey to good health and unlock their full potential.  Cath is ready and raring to get you in the best shape of your life and also helps our fight team at MMAX gym to reach their full body potential for the ultimate performance. What ever your needs are, give yourself the best in fitness and health and give Cath a call today on 07925 535952

brazilian Jiu Jitsu martial arts
Michael Russell
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu At MMAX HQ

Michael is the founder of Michael Russell BJJ and has an outstanding reputation for success and teaches one of the UK leading Brazilian Jiu Jitsu teams. MMAX gym are proud to be the first Michael Russell BJJ club in the South, and believe that Michael’s knowledge as a black belt in BJJ is without doubt one of the best choices we have made for our progressing BJJ team. Everyone is really looking forward to the success he and coach Paul Hines can bring to the members MMAX over the next few years and put Dorset on the BJJ world map. Contact us now for our beginners classes or call/text 07925 535952 today.

Giving You The Best In Training

At our full time MMAX academy and affiliated schools, we believe that all Instructors and coaches should always be active in training. This continual training will advance their knowledge and skills, keeping their training methods up to date. They also regularly train with some of the best martial artists/coaches from around the world. This in turn will keep our current training methods to the highest standards. We believe that this has always given our members outstanding tuition and value for money unlike no other. Our results speak for themselves and this is a testimonial to our Instructors/coaches hard work and passion.

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Instructors Wanted To Join Our Network

If you feel you want to step it up a notch or two and help you and your existing members link into some fantastic training methods by any of our world class coaches, then call us today. We have simple affiliation options that your club can join MMAX from anywhere in the world. You can choose to affiliate to individual disciplines (boxing, MMA, BJJ Taekwon-Do and Thai/K1 Kickboxing) or affiliate to as many martial art disciplines as you like to suit your club/gym or school needs. Our coaches are already expanding in the UK and shortly around the world.
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