kickboxing is proven to help reduce the growing problem of obesity in the UK. Now over 50% of the population is classed as overweight and unfit, so now is a good time to check Dorchester premier kickboxing classes for children and adults as an alternative to keeping fit and healthy. MMAX Gym above Iceland is the only martial arts academy in Dorchester to have children, mixed adult, Ladies and girls only kickboxing classes that are guaranteed to get you into great shape every.

Our highly qualified and experienced male and female Instructors are the most experienced in town and will not only get you fit, they will also teach you outstanding martial arts skills to.  A fun atmosphere and friendly staff.
Call 07925 535952 or text today to book a free lesson in our designated beginners class. MMAX gym is also the most successful academy in Dorchester for over 20 years.  You can visit us on facebook to.

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