MMAX gym boxing club in Dorchester is celebrating another win. The latest boxer to join our growing MMAX Gym fighting team is Jake. After only 5 months of training was ready for his first competitive white collar boxing match. Jake weighed in at 83kg and was matched against a tough and more experienced Eastern European opponent. There were over 800 spectators at Exeter biggest boxing show and the atmosphere was electric. Jake dominated every round of sparring and won by a unanimous decision and another fantastic win for Dorchester most successful gym.

Unlike any other club in town, MMAX has skill specific classes for you to build fitness and gain confidence, suitable for both men, women and separate children’s classes too. Come try one of our many boxing classes at Dorchester’s premier boxing club. We have amateur, intermediate and pro classes to suit everyone’s needs. We also have a certified Hatton fitness based class for those who want to learn proper boxing techniques, get into the best shape ever, but do not want any contact sparring. All classes are taught by enthusiastic qualified coaches. Call 07925 535952 for a free class and experience Dorchesters most experienced boxing coaches. check our website for more information or click here for our facebook or Instagram

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